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Want to see as much of this area as you can but only in town for a few hours?

It is possible - with my help.

Each tour I offer gives you the opportunity to enjoy a picturesque drive, a walk in the fresh air, and chance to learn about Newfoundland and Labrador. Along the way you can listen to local music, and sample some locally made snacks. For tours longer than four hours we'll stop at a local eatery for lunch. There will be many opportunities for photos along the way.

Take some time to explore the various tour packages and get in touch if you have any questions.

(Described tours are subject to change due to seasonal operations of venues, weather and construction.)


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Quidi Vidi Village

3 hour - $99 per person


(10% less for groups of 4)

Yes, this gorgeous village is within St. John's. We are a unique place! Just a short drive will take us to Quidi Vidi Lake, home of the Royal St. John's Regatta, then on to Quidi Vidi Village. Here you can listen to the seagulls, and the comings and goings of the colourful fishing boats. While here we will visit Quidi Vidi Village Artisan Studios (formerly called The Plantation), housing a collection of studios for local artists in many types of media. We'll walk on through the village and stop for a bite at Quidi Vidi Fish and Chips, or Mallard Cottage. Perhaps you'd be interested in tasting a craft beer at the Quidi Vidi Brewery? If so, then this tour is a great choice for you.

(Food and beverage costs are not included in tour price.)

Get Out of Town

3 hours - $99 per person


(10% less for groups of 4)

We'll take Marine Drive through the town of Logy Bay-Middle Cove-Outer Cove to stop for a walk at Middle Cove Beach. Here you can enjoy the beach and feel the wind in your face, smell the salt air, and listen to the crashing waves smoothing the beach rocks. We'll then continue our journey through the towns of Torbay and Portugal Cove-St. Phillips. while on our excursion around the bay we'll get a bite to eat at either The Traditional Coffee House and Deli, Landings Restaurant or The Grounds Cafe.

(Food and beverage costs are not included in tour price.)


Signal Hill

4 hours - $120 per person


(10% less for groups of 4)

This is an iconic image in St. John's, Cabot Tower, at the peak of Signal Hill.

From this vantage point you can look out over the city, the narrows, Fort Amherst Lighthouse, Cape Spear and the vast Atlantic Ocean. Breathtaking! Literally so, as it's also one of the windiest spots we have, something to experience. On our drive up the hill we can visit the Signal Hill National Historic Site Visitor Centre to discover why this hill holds such an important place in our history.  If you're feeling energetic, you can explore the trail up to the tower? Or maybe the easier walk through the Johnson GeoCentre VistaPark would be your choice? After our visit to Cabot Tower we will stop at either The Newfoundland Chocolate Cafe, The Marconi Cafe, or The Battery Cafe for refreshments.

(Food, beverage, and admission fees are not included in tour price.)

Downtown History

4 hours $132 per person


(10% less for groups of 4)

Being the oldest city in North America comes with a lot of history. We'll visit just a few of the places within Downtown St. John's that tell our story.

Starting at Commissariat House, former command centre for the British army, driving on to Government House, the official residence for the Lieutenant Governor. and the Colonial Building, the site of Newfoundland's Legislature prior to joining Canada. From here we'll take in the architectural heritage, and depth of faith demonstrated by the Basilicas of St. John the Baptist, The Anglican Cathedral and the Presbyterian Kirk, and Gower St. United Church. Mixed among the hilly downtown streets full of colourful houses you'll see The Newfoundland War Memorial and The Terry Fox Monument. Time to stretch your legs with a stop at Harbourside Park and a bite to eat from Classic Cafe East.

(Food and beverage costs are not included in tour price.)


All Around The Circle

5 hours - $198 per person


(10% less for groups of 4)

This tour really covers ground, up and down, while looking at ocean views too. Get your camera ready for plenty of selfies! You'll see Quidi Vidi Village, Signal Hill all the way up to Cabot Tower then down to St. John's Harbour, up again over the Southside Hills to Shea Heights down to BlackHead and on to Cape Spear. Time to explore the lighthouse! Then we're off to Maddox Cove and we'll stop in Petty Harbour for some fresh Newfoundland food at The Watershed Cafe or Chafe's Landing. Or maybe you'd like to check out the Newfoundland traditional fare at Bidgood's in Goulds? That's on our tour too. Next we'll pass through Mount Pearl, touch on the North West tip of St. John's and down to the ocean again, the town of Portugal Cove-St. Phillips overlooking Conception Bay. Now that's a trip!

(Food and beverage costs are not included in tour price.)

Above and Beyond

5 hours - $198 per person


(10% less for groups of 4)

This tour showcases some of the spectacular photo opportunities in and around St. John's. We'll take in the vistas both ocean side and city view from Cabot Tower on Signal Hill. How about those famous jelly bean row houses of downtown? A stop at the Fort Waldegrave cannon with views out to Fort Amherst, the length of the harbour and the city skyline. From the Prosser's Rock Boat basin you will see both the colourful fishing boats and the colourful houses clinging to the rocks of The Battery. The Look Out from Shea Heights offers a view of St. John's that's incredible! Now we're off to Cape Spear, only the easternmost point in North America, the ocean, the waves, the rocks, the lighthouse, WOW! Let's check out Purity Factories now for a surprise. Now up to Admiral's Green Golf Course where you're so high up you'll be looking down on Cabot Tower! Hungry? Let's finish off our tour by heading out to By The Beach Restaurant or Landings Seafood Restaurant in Portugal Cove-St. Phillips with a view of Conception Bay, and the Bell Island ferry going back and forth.

(Food and beverage costs are not included in tour price.)

Quidi Vidi
Get Out of Town
Signal Hill
Downtown History
All Around The Circle
Above and Beyond
Eastern Edge and Natural Beauty

Eastern Edge and Natural Beauty

5 hours - $165 per person


(10% less for groups of 4)

We'll make our way first to the Battery at the base of Signal Hill. From here westward along St. John's Harbour then cross to the Southside of the harbour to take in the view from Prosser's Rock Boat Basin and take a walk out to the Fort Amherst Light House. After our walk we'll drive on to the most eastern point of North America, Cape Spear. After this the journey continues to the fishing villages of Maddox Cove and Petty Harbour. During the summer the Petty Harbour Mini Aquarium will give you the chance to get up close with some of our underwater wildlife. Perhaps it's time for some sustenance? Chafe's Landing or the Watershed Cafe should fill us up or on to Goulds for a stop at Bidgood's. We can then take a drive back East through Kilbride with a stop at Bowring Park to feed the ducks and indulge a childhood fantasy with a visit to Peter Pan.

(Food and beverage costs are not included in the tour price.)


About your guide



A fifth generation Newfoundlander, I grew up and raised my own three children here in St. John's. My friends and family say I'm one of the friendliest, happiest people they know.

Life's too short not to enjoy yourself!

Never one to be stuck for a word, one of my favourite things to do is meet visitors,

discover where they come from and what brings them to St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador.

I've yet to find one who wasn't delighted they came here.

So if this is your first chance to see "The Rock" I'd be happy to show you around.

Choose from one of the tours I've created,

or contact me with a particular interest and I'll customize a tour.

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